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What We Do
NEXGEL Advanced Hydrogel Solutions is your skin friendly patch company! Our ultra-gentle, high-water content hydrogels are an excellent transdermal drug delivery system for a broad range of OTC and Cosmetic ingredients. Our hydrogels are more gentle because we don’t chemical cross-linking agents, instead, we use a unique electron-beam cross linking process to create the bond. Additionally, our hydrogels are more skin-friendly than many adhesive patches on the market, since we don’t use chemical adhesives to deliver our ingredients. All of this means that you can rest assured that you have one of the gentlest transdermal delivery systems on the market! Partnering this technology with innovative packaging we've created CGN Packaging Solutions to create your turn-key beauty products. CGN is revolutionizing the packaging industry by becoming the leading provider of comprehensive packaging solutions.
Product Category
Cosmetic products face, body treatment and sun care, OTC products, Semi Finished products and bulks, Other containers, Other/Sustainalble offerings, Plastic containers (bottles, jars, phials/ampoules, tubes, trays), Cases - Cardboard cases/boxes, Labels (adhesive & non-adhesive), Other/Sustainable offerings, Packing and shipping material, Pressing ribbons and tissues, Packaging Development, Quality certification, Lab Equipment & services, Product safety - dossier, Test & Analysis, Cleansers, Eye Care, Hand & Body, Makeup Remover, Masks, Moisturizers, Serums, SPF, Acne, Irritation, Lines & Wrinkles, Pores & Texture
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Healing Hydration Hydrogel Facemask 1602
Healing Hydration Hydrogel Facemask