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Haiti's beauty industry offers a wide array of products, including soap, oil, and body scrubs. Castor oil, renowned for its hair-strengthening properties, is a popular item. The industry also produces candles, natural deodorant, body cream, scrubs, spa salts, and diffusers. Other offerings include soaps, body butters, and lip balms. Haiti's cocoa industry contributes cocoa butter, soap, lip balm, and massage oil to the beauty market. Hair care is catered to with hair oil and balm, while candles create a delightful atmosphere. Haiti's beauty industry provides nourishing and opulent products for skincare, haircare, and relaxation. 12 Haitian companies are participating in CosmoProf. Their involvement is supported by the project "Support to Private Sector Development through Investment Promotion," managed by TFO Canada and CFI Haiti, and funded by the Inter-American Development Bank. Discover all the companies' profiles and products:
Product Category
Aerosol products, Cosmetic products face, body treatment and sun care, Haircare, Mask tissues, Nail products, Natural, Vegan, Bio and Halal (Make-up, Skincare, Nail polish), Oral care products, OTC products, Semi Finished products and bulks, Home scent, Perfumes & Cologne, Cremes + Gels + Oils, Masks + Treatments, Primers + Pre-stylers, Shampoos + Conditioners, Sprays + Mousses, Waxes + Pomades, Brushes, Cheeks, Eyes, Foundations, Lips, Mascara & Lash, Primers & Setters, Nail treatments, Polish & Powders, Cleansers, Eye Care, Hand & Body, Makeup Remover, Masks, Acne, Irritation, Lines & Wrinkles, Pores & Texture
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Discover Haiti's Vibrant Beauty Industry
Discover Haiti's Vibrant Beauty Industry - Booth 2841