Federal Package
What We Do
Federal Package is the preferred contract manufacturer for many leading personal care companies. Federal Package has become the go-to source for companies in the health, beauty and personal care industries searching for all aspects of contract manufacturing including research and development; formulation; blending and filling; decorating and labeling; and health and beauty containers.
Product Category
Cosmetic products face, body treatment and sun care, Natural, Vegan, Bio and Halal (Make-up, Skincare, Nail polish), Semi Finished products and bulks, Single-dose packaging, Capsules, Caps, Closures - Plastic, Other containers, Other/Sustainalble offerings, Plastic containers (bottles, jars, phials/ampoules, tubes, trays), Finishing and decorations, Quality certification, Hand & Body, MEN, Moisturizers, Other, Serums, SPF
8100 Powers Blvd
Chanhassen, MN 55317
United States

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